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BASIC interpreter for the DIY Calculator.

This is a BASIC interpreter that I have written for the DIY Calculator in assembly language and is a free download.

The DIY Calculator is an 8 bit CPU / calculator emulator developed by Clive Maxfield and Alvin Brown. It was intended to be a training tool to teach how calculators and computers perform mathematical operations. The book "How Computers Do Math" written by Maxfield and Brown, is meant to be used in conjunction with the DIY Calculator. The DIY Calculator software ships with the book on a CD and is also available on the DIY Calculator website :

The BASIC interpreter for the DIY Calculator is called DIYBASIC. This version of BASIC runs entirely within the DIY Calculator. There is a keyboard and video terminal emulator within the DIY Calculator that is utilized by DIYBASIC.

DIYBASIC is packaged in a WinZip file named "DIYBASIC.ZIP". This package contains DIYBASIC.ASM, DIYBASIC_Intro.DOC and DIYBASIC_Ref.DOC. The ASM file being the assembly source code. DIYBASIC_Intro.DOC contains a brief history and introduction to BASIC for those not familiar with BASIC. DIYBASIC_Ref.DOC is a DIYBASIC language reference.The source code has to be assembled using the DIY Calculator assembler, then loaded into the DIY Calculator and run. To download the zip package, just right click the DIY Basic link below and select "Save Target As".

DIY Basic

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